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Julian's awesome aquatic adventure
Saba Christmas 2014
Cozumel January 2014
Puerto Vallarta 2012
Julian's awesome aquatic adventure
Bali Week 1
Bali Week 2
Aussie Diving 2011
Whale Watching at Hervey Bay
Aussie Critters
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Scooby and The Great Escape
Scooby's Shopping Spree in Guam
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Scooby in Bali
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Saba Dutch Antilies X-Mas 2009
Saba Dutch Antilies X-Mas 2010
Cuba Spring 2011
Isla Mujeres July 2013

Julian_diving/DSC_0080_561.JPG Julian_diving/DSC_0073_560.JPG Julian_diving/DSC_0063_557.JPG Julian_diving/DSC_0036_559.JPG
Julian_diving/DSC_0032_556.JPG Julian_diving/DSC_0031_555.JPG Julian_diving/DSC_0008_558.JPG

Julian's first dives as a certified diver.  Another convert to the true faith.